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New Practice Members at
Ramtown Family Chiropractic LLC

So you’re ready to take the first step toward wellness? We understand that starting something new can be stressful, so at Ramtown Family Chiropractic LLC we strive to make the process as smooth and stress free as possible.

Your First Visit

On your initial visit to our office, you will first be greeted by our receptionist, Nancy, who will take a copy of your insurance card and ID, as well as ask you to fill out a few forms. You will then receive your consultation and a chiropractic exam where we will focus on your general health as well as address any specific problems that you are experiencing.

Dr. Reizer will also educate you briefly on chiropractic and the specific techniques used in our office. If you consent to care and depending on your condition, you will also receive an adjustment on the same day. This first visit usually takes around 30-45 minutes.

Your Second Visit

Don’t be surprised if Nancy already greets you by name at your second visit. We strive to treat our practice members with a sense of respect and belonging from the very beginning. You will then be taken to an adjusting room where Dr. Reizer will go over the review of findings from your initial exam and discuss recommendations for continued care. If you agree to continued care, you will receive your second adjustment and then set up your next appointment.

Typical Office Visits

During your subsequent follow up visits, you will be greeted by Nancy and be guided to the next available adjusting room. You will receive an adjustment and any therapies associated with your specific treatment plan. The Dr. may also give you additional instructions for self care at home. You will then proceed to the front desk to see Nancy once more to confirm your next appointment.

Schedule Today

Ready to get started? Call or stop in today to schedule your first appointment.


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