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Meet Dr. Thomas Reizer

Natural From the Start

Dr Tom photoEven as a very young child, Dr. Reizer had an inclination toward natural health and healing. “I always had a natural way of thinking. I never took medication even as a kid, it never made sense to me. Even from a young age, I was interested in my body’s natural ability to heal itself and to this day I love the naturalness of chiropractic working with the inner healing ability of the body.”

Choosing Surgical Alternatives

Dr. Reizer had his first experience with chiropractic care to help with his constant sore throats. “MD’s wanted to remove my tonsils. Of course I said no way.” Because of this, Dr. Reizer discovered chiropractic and decided to give it a try as an alternative to surgery. The success speaks for itself. “To this day I have not had any sore throats.” Now, Dr. Reizer is excited to pass along these safe, effective surgical alternatives to his practice members.


Chiropractic Education

Dr. Reizer quickly fell in love with the philosophy and principles of the chiropractic field, and attended Sherman College of Chiropractic in order to begin a life-long journey as a Chiropractic Physician. During his education, Dr. Reizer became particularly interested in skeletal anatomy and x-rays – knowledge and skills which he now uses on a day to day basis.

The fascination and curiosity which interested Dr. Reizer in natural health alternatives even as a child stayed with him throughout his education. “I enjoyed the technique and philosophy classes, learning why we do what we do”, he says.
This sense of curiosity and deep understanding of the underlying issues continues to serve Dr. Reizer’s practice members, as they are treated and healed by someone who truly understands the problems at the core of their ailments.
Dr Tom with athletes

Raising a Natural Family

Staying true to his chiropractic philosophy, Dr. Reizer and his family enjoy an active lifestyle fueled by the natural health offered through chiropractic. He and his wife met in chiropractic college and they have two grown sons – both of whom are athletes. Their older son is an entrepreneur in Florida and a body builder. He has placed first in many competitions over the years. Their younger son and his wife are both chiropractors in Sumter, South Carolina. We all love the gym!

As a bodybuilder and strength trainer himself, Dr. Reizer realized from early on that chiropractic fit his way of life, and now helps all who walk into Ramtown Family Chiropractic LLC understand how natural chiropractic care can fit seamlessly into their lives as well.

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