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Healing Therapies at Ramtown Family Chiropractic LLC

At Ramtown Family Chiropractic LLC, we take the time to provide all the natural care, compassion and education you need to heal and perform at your best. Besides individualized chiropractic care that is tailored to your specific needs and goals, we offer a range of other healing therapies to augment your healing process.

  • Intersegmental Traction: This is a form of passive traction that gently stretches your spine. We use a flexion distraction table that stretches you while Dr. Tom performs your chiropractic adjustments. This method is great for the discs of the spine, as the stretching pumps nutrients into the discs and flushes toxins out.
  • Myofascial Release: This is a specialized form of deep tissue work that works to break up adhesions and scar tissue that affect the muscles and cause them to become rigid. Restoring proper stretch to muscle tissue is important in allowing joints to regain their full range of motion.
  • Ultrasound Therapy: Ultrasound uses a particular frequency of sound waves that are directed into the affected area of the body to break up scar tissue in the muscles.
  • Muscle Stim: Also called electronic muscle stimulation or e-stim, low levels of electric current are applied to help relax muscles that are in spasm. Can be very helpful in relieving pain after an acute injury.
  • Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics: Custom-made shoe inserts help to create a stable foundation and allow for proper biomechanics so you can move more freely. Many athletes use orthotics to help protect their joints and prevent injury.
  • Resistance Exercises: Dr. Tom will demonstrate specific stretches and exercises to help you warm up before activity or rehab from injuries.
  • Impulse IQ®: The Impulse IQ is a computerized device that measures the tension in a joint and applies an appropriate force to move the joint into the proper position so it can move as it should. Dr. Tom is the only chiropractor in the area to offer this low-force technique.
  • Aquazone: Heated hydrotherapy table with jets designed to target tight muscles in various spinal areas.

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Howell Chiropractor Wants to Get You Back to What You Love

Discover Customized Care for All Ages at Ramtown Family Chiropractic LLC

For over 35 years, Howell chiropractor Dr. Thomas Reizer has been helping patients get out of pain and perform at their highest levels through our customized approach to care. Ramtown Family Chiropractic LLC has been built on referrals from patients who have gotten better with our care and want their friends and families to experience the same life-changing benefits.

We offer various soft tissue and adjusting techniques, and we are the only practice in the area to offer low-force instrument-assisted adjustments with the Impulse IQ®. We have the experience and expertise to help you get back to the activities you love—and if your condition is something we can’t help with, we’ll let you know and refer you to the right type of provider.

Meet Our Empathetic Chiropractor

A native of Howell, Dr. Tom graduated with honors from Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC, where he met his wife, Dr. Lori. As an athlete himself, Dr. Tom is knowledgeable and understanding about the challenges athletes of all ages and skill levels face. He’s passionate about providing the care and education you need to get better and perform at your peak.

With over three decades of experience, Dr. Tom has a deep understanding of nervous system health and human biomechanics. He goes the extra mile to restore proper motion to the joints of the spine and extremities and to address the soft tissue component of optimal function.

Our Relaxed Approach

Unlike medical providers who rush patients in and out, we take the opposite approach—we do a thorough examination; we customize your care to your specific needs and goals, and we take our time to provide you the education you need to get healthy and stay healthy.

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We are in-network with most insurance plans, including Medicare, and accept same-day appointments and walk-ins. Contact us today to book your appointment with our experienced Howell chiropractor.

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